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Blind Love by Amarra Blind Love by Amarra
This is a picture inspired by a fanfiction I am currently writing, it's about Sesshomarou and Rin as you may see and play a couple of years in the future of both. The Fiction isn't posted yet for my beta hasn't finished it yet but I give you a teaser... by the way; you will see a fang dangling on the green rosary Rin holds in her hand, it's Sesshomarou's... you have to read the story, once it's ready to know why she carries it. I will post the link in my journal...


“I am worried jaken…really worried...” She told him and wanted to cuddle up in her futon to spend another sleepless night in her chilly chamber as a strange feeling stopped her. Within a moment she was up and over to her sliding door to listen what was going on outside; she could have sworn she heard steps but Jaken just stared at her as if she had gone mad now She opened the doors carefully and looked out into the hall which connected her Chamber to her lord’s, only to see the doors of her master’s bed room slide shut.

She frowned in confusion and went to investigate who was inside her lord’s chambers in the middle of the night, so she walked down the hall slowly and slid the doors open. Whoever it was must have heard her anyway so she didn’t really try to conceal her sounds… but a certain feeling told her that there was no need to do so.

A man was standing there; her lord with his long white hair and slender but strong body. He had laid down his two swords to the small table that stood on the side and had already gone rid of his armour. The fluffy tale laid lifeless on the ground behind him and didn’t move a inch as she came closer – her lord stood still like a statuette in the middle of his room.

She stepped inside and closed the door before he ordered so and came closer to him, getting to her knees behind him to wait for him to turn. She usually helped him dress and undress like this, but he didn’t turn instead he growled at her and confused her a lot with this reaction.

“Go away Rin…” He growled and somehow sounded hoarse and tired. Something she had never heard of him before.

“But my Lord… shouldn’t I help you go to bed… I also could prepare you a bath... you must have had a long travel…” She said and hoped for his approval, this strange behaviour worried her a lot. But he did nothing; instead he just stood there like a stone in the dark room and growled to himself. She knew better than asking if something was wrong; something was wrong there was no doubt... but she could not place the finger on it yet. Perhaps he simply was too tired to stand her right now… perhaps he would be more open for demon company instead of that of a mere human.

“Shall I call for another servant to help you milord?” She asked and only earned a louder growl. He had turned, grabbed her by her arm and pulled her on her legs before she knew what happened to her and threw her backwards against the sliding door. He fumbled in the darkness to find the rim and pulled her forward to his chest sliding the door open only to push her out.

She had no clue what was going on till she had collided with the opposite wall and caught a climbs of her masters pale face in the torch light. Three greenish stripes marred his perfectly pale face, reaching from the right side of his brow, across his eyes over to his left cheekbone as if someone would have scratched him right into the face.

“Stay out Rin…Do not dare to return filthy human…” Where his last words before he slid the door shut and left her alone.

Her arm hurt as she made her way back to her chamber, but she knew he had not meant to hurt her or to throw her out. Even calling her a filthy human wasn’t his usual self; he called her by her name… as only one in the entire castle – well Jaken also did so but not as often as her master did.

“You should have known better than disturbing him this late child...” jaken muttered as she found her guard waiting at her door, glaring at her with a worried look. “But you stupid human never learn do you..?”

She ignored him and hurried over to the basin with water she had on the far end of her room. Normally she would wash herself with it to keep clean and not as smelly as the other humans were for the noses of a demon, but now she simply grabbed the fresh water and a towel which she had not used yet and walked back to the hall.

“Rin… Rin where are you going again?” Jaken muttered behind her and waddled along down the dark and lonely hall. Luckily nobody really cared for her or this house as long as the Lord wasn’t there and she was alone most of the time with Jaken and the gardens… following this nobody cared for her nightly activities as long as they though the Lord wasn’t home yet… what they -more than obviously- didn’t know yet. She slid open the door and found her lord sitting there in the middle of his still dark room with his back to the door; this time she slipped the door shut before Jaken could walk in as well and moved up to him. She sat down right behind him and put the water aside, laying her hands in her lap to wait for his reaction.

“Didn’t I tell you to leave…” he growled dangerously, but she didn’t fear him- or tried to hide it.

“I could see your wounds Sesshomarou-sama… I am here to care for them if I might…” She said and looked down into her lap to wait for him to turn. He didn’t move but his growl died out into a low moan of complaining till it turned to silence, so she moved and got up, walking around him only to sit down again right in front of him.

He still did not move and stared into the space right before him, focus and concentration gone from his glassy eyes…at least as far as she could see in the darkness. She dipped the towel into the water and raised her hands to reach for his face, pulling his silver hair aside to reach the wounds. The green stripes had already started to fade and turned to scars, they must have been days old… almost a week…but far slower than she knew of his usual healing, crossing half of his face and even his eyes.

“Oh… My lord what happened to your eyes…” she whispered as she cleaned up his face. He held still to her touch and closed his eyes as he heard her words, giving almost something like a small wail of defeat.


the rest will be comeing soon...
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SnowRaven-Moonstar Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2008   Writer
I wish you woudl finish this though I can see it was written a few years ago. You wrote just enough to leave your poor audience wanting more. :D it's well written but for a few errors i noted. Well, keep writing and take care.
MistressKurumi Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Good picture! :) Cool fanfiction too, can't wait for the rest of it! ;)

I had a fanfiction [link]
C-y-n-d-i Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2006
This is beautiful and I can't wait to read more. Make sure to keep an eye on your spelling. :hug:
shessyluvsrin Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
ooooh very koo can't wait to read more!!
lerato Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh....I love the story...:heart:
And the picture is awesome, the color,and the realistic style...

I believe in this pairing a lot!! when she grow up, Sesshomaru will can't avoid fall deeply in love for her :D
Aishiteru1984 Featured By Owner May 17, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh so pretty!
Love that you drew them realistically and I love the coloring! :+fav:
AnimaRaptor Featured By Owner May 4, 2005

awesome as ever

love how ya make em' so realistic
sylphy Featured By Owner May 4, 2005
Very beautiful. I love it ^_^
Nethrion Featured By Owner May 1, 2005
the hair and skin are gorgeous...and there is a lot of emotion. Great story, too. :+favlove:
MapleRose Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
I like how you made those two realistic-ish, esp Rin. I love her hair and eyes. But is that tuft of hair sticking out her little pigtail thing, or part of her bangs? It looks kinda out of place and kinda extra. If it's supposed to be her pigtail, I don't think she would've still done her hair that way since she's older. Also, the fingers of her left hand are kinda transparent, making it look kinda strange.
Animepeep Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2005
Very nice... +fav.
Amarra Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks for the fav!
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